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Classification and Pay

Forsyth County’s compensation philosophy is to pay its employees fairly and equitably based on a comparison of duties and responsibilities as well as labor market salary data.

This philosophy supports that County Government exists to provide certain necessary and important services to the citizens of Forsyth County. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the County must attract and retain competent and qualified employees dedicated to the mission of providing high quality public service. This requires a pay plan that is competitive, rewards employees based on performance, and is based on fiscal accountability to the taxpayers of Forsyth County.

Compensation Philosophy

  • The Compensation Plan will adhere to the Merit System Principles contained in Section 2301 of Title 5 of the United States Code.
  • Employees will be paid in a fair and consistent manner relative to class relationships, compensable factors, and based on the identified labor market.
  • The County will compensate its employees based on a competitive minimum salary to attract and retain quality employees. An annual comparative labor market analysis will be used to maintain salary competitiveness.
  • Pay for Performance will allow employees to earn additional compensation based on performance rating.
  • The County will recognize the value of long-term commitment to the organization by awarding longevity pay to employees who have seven or more years of service.
  • The County will take into consideration the overall fiscal well-being of the organization prior to making pay decisions on an individual and County-wide basis in order to ensure resources and funds are used efficiently and effectively. Annual funding of performance-based adjustments and longevity is subject to action by the Board of County Commissioners.

Hiring New Employees

The hiring process will be based on open competition to ensure all receive equal opportunity. New hires with comparable qualifications will receive comparable compensation. The recommended hiring range is between the minimum and 15% above the minimum for most classes. However, market drivers may vary the hiring range for some positions. Each pay grade will have a specific hiring range in relationship to the minimum salary. Special consideration will be given to internal equity when extending job offers or negotiating starting salaries. Equity is defined as fair market pay for the job performed considering the candidate’s qualifications in comparison to the requirements for the job. A list of North Carolina County salary data can be located on the UNC School of Government's County Salary Survey Dashboard.

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