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Fee Schedule


Plans Review Fee
Sprinkler Plans $120.00
Fire Alarm Service Plans $120.00
Fire Extinguisher System Plans $120.00
Storage Tank Plans $120.00
Performance Test - no plans $60.00

Permits and Inspection Fee Schedule

Type Fee
Annual Inspection $0.00
First re-inspection for non-compliance (if corrections are made) $0.00
First re-inspection for non-compliance (if corrections are not made) $50.00
Second and subsequent re-inspections for non-compliance $100.00
ABC Inspection $50.00
Bonfires $50.00
Blasting Operations $50.00
Campfires $0.00
Events, festivals, etc. $50.00
Fireworks $50.00
Hazardous Operations $50.00
Tank Removals $50.00
Tents & Canopies $50.00

Fine Schedule


Violation Fine
Exits and egress ways locked or blocked $200.00 per door
Overcrowding, exceeding occupant load (crowd management system not compliant) $200.00
Fire & life safety system not maintained, tested per schedule or documented $100.00
General Violations of N.C. Fire Code (per item or code) $50.00
Failure to submit required plans and obtain required permit (a stop work order will be issued until compliance) $100.00