An 8-year old tied to a chair with duct tape and beaten with an electrical cord . . . a 13-year old left home alone for two weeks to fend for himself . . . a 9-year old left alone to care for siblings while mom was on the streets doing drugs . . . a 13-year old hit 130 times with a switch . . . and the stories just keep coming.

The children in these cases needed homes. They needed someone who would provide a safe, temporary home to children who had been hurt and misused. They came from horrific backgrounds and needed the support of families who could help children with a variety of behavioral problems. These children needed lots of patience, understanding, unconditional love, character building, mentoring, and a feeling of safety.

Children like those above come into the Forsyth County Department of Social Services because of abuse, neglect and dependency. They range in age from 0 to 17, with the average child being 7 years of age and older. Forsyth County DSS is in need of foster-adopt resource parents who will step up to the challenge and work with the 7 and older population, especially teenagers. Yes, we are asking a lot from you, however we know YOU can make a difference in the life of a child in Forsyth County.

Become a Resource Parent

The first step in becoming a resource parent begins with taking a brief orientation. This orientation will provide an overview of foster care in North Carolina. After viewing the video, please print a copy of your certificate and present it to your agency of choice as you begin the licensing process. To begin the video, click on the following link:

Foster Adoption Resource Parent Brochure

Foster Adoption Resource Parent Guidelines

Foster Adoption Resource Parent Application

Please mail the completed application to:

  • Forsyth County DSS
  • Maranda Sales - Foster Care Recruiter
  • 741 N. Highland Avenue
  • Winston-Salem, NC 27101