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United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist

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The UMMBC Health & Wellness, Active Adults, and Youth Ministries partnered in preparing and maintaining a community garden at SG Atkins’ Green Acre of Winston-Salem State University in 2012. The garden initiative, which is a vision of the Senior Pastor, Reverend Prince Raney Rivers, is an outstanding opportunity for UMMBC to engage in an intergenerational endeavor to provide learning and beneficent experiences.

The purpose of the UMMBC Community Garden Ministry is to extend stewardship of UMMBC worshipers beyond the sanctuary by engaging intergenerational groups in using God’s earth to provide fresh produce and healthy nutritional choices for the community and our sick and shut- in church members.

UMMBC’s community garden season usually begins with a Blessing of the Garden by Pastor Rivers. The bounty of the past three (3) years of the garden is attributed to God’s grace and hundreds of hours of work of so many individuals. In 2014, raised beds were constructed and filled prior to blessing which was open to all gardeners and the public.

Although four raised beds will be available, there is space for regular “in the ground” gardening. Raised garden beds should be kinder on the backs and are better for weed control.

Last year, (2013), UMMBC had a good showing of 8-10 individuals to help in the garden early in the season; however over the course of the planting, weeding, watering and harvesting season the number dwindled to 3 persons who consistently tended the garden. In 2014, there has been five (5) members who have consistently tended the garden, harvested produce and distributed it to those in need. UMMBC youths labeled stakes and put them out to identify what was planted. Those few dedicated individuals ensured that the garden produced 2200 lbs. of vegetables (see pictures below), to date, which were distributed to the children’s summer camp, UMMBC sick and shut in members, Samaritan Ministries Soup Kitchen/Shelter, the Food Bank Ministry at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church , Rescue Mission and the UMMBC general membership.

Gardening is great exercise and it is exciting as one sees what God’s earth can produce. It is a fun and healthy way to fellowship while working to provide fresh produce to church members and the community. It is also an educational opportunity for our youth.

In 2013, UMMBC successfully obtained a one-year $5,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina equipment grant and purchased every imaginable tool and equipment available for use in the gardens. Tillers, weed eaters, spades, trowels, hoes, rakes, hoes, hoes carriers, wagons, wheelbarrows, shovels, large picnic table umbrellas as well as a large composter were among the items purchased. These tools and equipment are available to all gardeners of the SG Atkins Community Gardens Group. Guidelines are available on the upkeep of the equipment.