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1450 Fairchild Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27105


Simon’s Green Acre Community Garden

  1. Simon’s Green Acre Community Garden1922 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr
    Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Simon’s Green Acre Community Garden has achieved broad support from community education institutes like Forsyth Tech. community college, Winston Salem State University, Wake Forest Transitional Science Institute Program in Community Engagement, churches like Emmanuel Baptist and United Metropolitan Methodist, community development organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and City Youth Advisory Council, and neighborhood organizations like The Neighborhood Housing Association. Simon’s Green Acres supports 10 community garden plots, growing organic vegetables for the community. The vision is to nurture success in neighborhoods through sustainable garden ventures and serving the communities’ by offering opportunities to learn and grow organically. Simon's Green Acre began as a single totally organic garden to grow and provide fresh produce in a fresh food dessert. That single garden over the last four has expanded to include multiple gardens and multiple gardnering partners. Most of the food produced is shared with agencies serving the needy in the community and among the gardners.The gardens produce thousands of pounds of fresh produce each year. The goal is to be a self-sustaining community garden enterprise where people in the neighborhood can plant and grow organic produce. We would also like to set up a farm stand where produce can be purchased and create a local mobile farm.

The community garden uses organic soil and does not use any pesticides. The produce is harvested, weighed and distributed (around 12,000lbs every year) to Second Harvest Food Bank and The Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen.