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1450 Fairchild Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27105


Pinedale Christian Church

  1. Pinedale Christian Church3395 Peters Creek Pw
    Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Pinedale Community Garden is located at 3395 Peters Creek Pkwy and Ocala Dr.

Purpose is to the provide gardening opportunities for individuals and families in the Pinedale Christian Church as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and to grow fresh produce for the local food banks and pantries. This garden is a "Reap More Than You Sow" garden and consists of 19, 4ft. X 8ft. raised beds.

The garden was started in the spring of 2011. Fifteen individuals or families participated and the garden yielded over 1600 pounds of fresh produce of which nearly 1,000 pounds was donated to food banks and pantries including Samaritan Ministries.

The garden is open to the public as long as beds are available.

There is no fee at the Pinedale Community Garden.

Each gardener is free to work their garden space anytime and workdays for the entire group are scheduled periodically.

Some volunteer help would be useful during watering and general garden maintenance.

Questions about this garden should be directed to Paul and Ann Siwinski at Questions about "Reap More Than You Sow" should be directed to Wallace Williamson at 336/331-2564 or