Are you interested in starting a community garden in Forsyth County? Please visit our Start a Garden page to learn about the process and access resources to help you get started. You can also view our Community Gardening 101 webinar (32 minutes) for a comprehensive overview of starting and sustaining a community garden. (When you’re finished, please fill out this brief evaluation!)

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Printed Materials

As a program of Forsyth County’s Cooperative Extension Service, Forsyth Community Gardening has access to a number of publications on a wide variety of horticultural and community organizing topics. In addition to being posted in their electronic form on this page, many of these materials are also available in hard copy form at the Forsyth County Agricultural Building. Don’t see the topic you were looking for? Contact Megan Gregory with any questions or for more information. Explore our resources on the topics listed below:

Community Gardens

How to Start a Community Garden: Organizing, Fundraising, and Administration

Organizing a Garden


Administering Plot (Allotment) Gardens

Community Gardens

Legal and Safety Considerations

Building Healthy Soil

General Soil Management

Cover Crops

Cover Crops



Managing Soil Contaminants

Garden Plantings: Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs

Fruits & Vegetables

Flowers and Herbs

Managing Pests: Insects, Weeds, and Diseases

Supporting Beneficial Insects


Paper wasp, a predator of many insect pests, on yarrow. Photo: M. Gregory, Forsyth CES.

Community Gardens

Many insect pests have ‘natural enemies’ – beneficial predators and parasitoids that keep pests under control. Other beneficial insects help pollinate crops like tomatoes and cucumbers. The following resources will help you identify beneficial insects, and create habitat in your garden to ensure they can thrive year-round.

General Insect Pest Management References

Specific Vegetable Pest Profiles

Weed Management


Summer weeds don’t stand a chance beneath this dense cover crop of millet and cowpea! Photo: M. Gregory, Forsyth CES.


Community Gardens

Container and Raised Bed Gardening

Community Gardens

Youth and School Gardens

General Resources on School & Children’s Gardens

Garden Based Curricula

Youth Program Resources

  • The Food Project Toolbox: Free manuals, activities, and curricula used in The Food Project’s ground-breaking youth programs, including their Summer and Academic Year Youth Programs, Rural and Urban Agriculture programs, and Farmer’s Markets.
  • Growing Young Leaders: Youth Program Guide: Manual from East New York Farms! in Brooklyn, NY, on how to create an urban agriculture internship for high school youth that builds leadership, life skills, and farming and food systems knowledge.
  • Practicing Horticulture with At-Risk Youth: Curriculum from the Horticultural Society of New York

Harvesting, Preparing, and Preserving Vegetables

Why Commuity Gardens?

Scholarly Articles: Benefits of Community Gardening

Community Gardens

The Local Food System

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